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World War III has fundamentally changed the globe.  Nuclear strikes have wiped out population centers.  Nuclear winter has slashed the world's ability to produce food for those that have survived.  How will society change as the fight for ideological supremacy rages on?  


Autumn Forge is the sequel to Able Archer.  We've all read dystopian novels and have seen the movies that portray worlds where society has broken down and human existence has experienced a profound change, but how do we get there?  Autumn Forge is an examination of the dark time that immediately follows the madness of nuclear war.  There was always the promise of "the American way of life" continuing on after a Soviet attack, but can the institutions of a society survive a complete and all-encompassing shift?


It is an investigation of the development of dystopia.  How and why we got there.  Who can survive and who will control the post-nuclear future?   


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