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I offer a myriad of services to help you communicate effectively.  Below are some of the more popular services I offer. If you are interested in my assistance, but don't see your needs listed, feel free to contact me directly.

Longstreet Theater, University of South Carolina
College Admissions Essay Coaching

No essay your son or daughter will endeavor to write could have a greater impact on his or her future. Help them construct compelling prose with the ability to differentiate themselves from other applicants.  Go beyond the typical "5 paragraph essay", as taught by most high school teachers, to create an exciting narrative.  Let your student reveal themselves to college admissions professionals through the power of the written word.

Ghostwriting services


​There is a certain prestige in being a published author.  If there is a message you feel strongly about, but lack the talent or time to produce that message, a ghostwriter might be what you need.  My past experience has afforded me the opportunity to have written for others.  Within a few short meetings, we'll be able to create a voice that is uniquely yours.  You'll gain the accolades, as your piece takes center stage. From essay to long-form book, we'll be able to create a publication-worthy piece of any length together, as a team.

Technical writing/editing
Technical Writing/Editing

Bringing complex ideas to the page can be challenging.  It can be the difference between project success and failure.  My work for the military and several government agencies has given me the insight to be able to collaborate with professionals in their field and create accurate compositions with an eye on details.

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