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New GoFundMe Button Added to Site

A new GoFundMe campaign button has been added to the website homepage. I have added this button to link my visitors up with a fundraising campaign I have created to help a family in crisis.

If you follow any of my social media accounts, you have doubtlessly seen my repeated requests for assistance. My sister's family is in the midst of a dire struggle. Stuart, my brother-in-law is in supportive care at Centrastate hospital. He has fought esophageal cancer for a number of years. It was an epic battle and one that I must admit has gone far longer than I could have foreseen. He has rallied numerous times but there aren't any rallies left. The time is measured in minutes, hours, days for the family. The future is on pause.

The world, on the other hand, is not on pause. Bills have to be paid. School and activities won't wait for them. Jobs will have to be continued. The cancer does not care. Not one bit.

Life continues for the family. It continues all the while. We do what we can to help maintain a continuum, but our lives are continuing, too. We have our challenges, as well. So, I must do what I can to solicit the help of our communities. Whatever intersecting circles we all belong to, I am asking you to help. Help however you can. If you cannot, that's okay. I understand. Please do not feel that I would view you in any lesser light. I know we all have our own "stuff" happening. But even if you cannot help financially, consider sharing the campaign with your network.

This family has financial needs that must be attended to in the immediate and at a later date. I know that with your help, we will be able to assist them. For more details about the GoFundMe campaign, click on the new button and be taken directly to the site.

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