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When I sat down to begin writing Snowbirds, I wanted to fictionalize the story of the fall of a once successful minor-league hockey team.  It was an unbelievable series of events that conspired to cause a winning team, and ultimately the entire league they played in to fail.  What I ended up with, after a year of energized writing while working on my MFA in Creative Writing, is an amazing story of an unconventional love living the most conventional of lives. 


Snowbirds is the story of a young, rising star in the West Palm Beach sports and entertainment community.  He is the Assistant GM of a minor-league hockey team and is engaged to a transgender, African-American woman.  With the unexpected death of his mentor, he must navigate the murky waters of South Florida business and social classes to keep his beloved team afloat.  He finds himself trying to balance his professional and private life, while immersed in the complexities of a biracial, LGBTQ relationship.

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