Another Friday, Another Free Writing Prompt

Now that we've been social distancing for a couple of weeks, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on the experience. This pandemic has tested our resolve, tested our patience and

tested our strength. I know that personally, I have felt the strain this crisis has put on personal relationships. I have pulled myself away from misinformed and willfully ignorant family members. Differences that were inconsequential in the past seem to have elevated to insurmountable fissures in reality.

Have you found yourself having to separate from people you were once close to? Are your realities in opposition to the beliefs or knowledge of family or friends?

Writing prompt:

Do you anticipate having to revisit relationships after the crisis? Who will you try to reach back out to? What relationships will you allow to fall away? Are you finding any new relationships in this crisis? Do you think that contracting your social circles will have a positive or negative affect on you?

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