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April 1st Free Writing and Journaling Prompt

Well, it's a new month. April. Springtime.

I've got beautiful weather and am sitting on my deck to do my work. It is so good to be able sit outside and take in the fresh air. I got my hands dirty and worked with some pots and seeds. I'm trying to grow some veggies and herbs in pots on the deck. As I said to my mom, I feel like my grandpa Jack.

Grandpa grew up on a farm in Kasaba, Turkey. When I was a boy, my grandparents lived in The Bronx, NY. It was a very urban setting, as you could imagine, and their co-op was on the 11th floor of a high-rise building. My grandfather could not deny that farm-boy upbringing and his terrace, 11 stories above Co-op City in The Bronx always had plants in pots growing. He had a chair in the corner, next to the kitchen window, where he would sit and smoke cigars. He, like me, had severe psoriatic arthritis but obviously lacked the advanced medicine that I benefit from. I have since come to realize that his time out on that terrace was a primal meditation that he must have used to remain strong and deal with the physical challenges he had.

Writing prompt:

What are you doing to remain mindful and mentally healthy during the pandemic? Do you engage in a formal exercise like meditation? Have you thought about exploring guided meditation? Is there a way for you to connect to something deeper within yourself and all that surrounds you? Are you feeling a deeper connection to your own spirituality? Would it benefit you to do so if you are not?

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