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Black Lives Matter.

I cannot know what my African-American friends have felt, endured, and powered through to be the people they are today. I will never know it. But last night, I had a stranger throw an antisemitic epitaph at me during a heated political debate. It was not the first time in my life, but it had been decades since the last time.

And I have felt the sting of racism as people that do not know my family heritage lash out against the Latinx community and illegals. It could be easy enough to hide. To quietly let these things fall by the wayside and let others take up the fight.

I choose not to be quiet. And if that makes you uncomfortable, good. That means you're listening and thinking. I choose to be like that dignified, thoughtful third man on the podium. I choose to speak out. To fight racism, homophobia, religious discrimination and all discrimination. I choose to believe we're not doing enough in this country or the world to fight injustice.

I'm not looking for everyone to agree with me, but if you are going to disagree, you must come with verifiable, fact-based positions. I will not accept the age-old bullshit arguments, the political propaganda or mythology as a basis for your hatred.

I will be Peter Norman. I will stand by the right side of history and be the support and, at times, the catalyst for change.

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