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Free Journaling and Creative Writing Prompts

Being quarantined or stuck at home for social distancing can be boring. I am offering some free writing prompts and tips to help you start journaling or writing to keep your mind nimble. It is important to do more than just sit around watching television. Mental activity will help prevent depression, anxiety and other challenges of isolation.

The writing prompts will be varied over a number of themes, all meant to entertain and challenge you. I welcome any questions you might have, as well as any suggestions. Feel free to contact me directly at Also, I'd love to share your writing. If you feel like sharing your creativity with others, send it to me and I may post it here, on my website.

My work as a professor of English Composition is complemented by my MFA in Creative Writing. I hope you'll join me and spend a little time exercising your brain during this extended time of isolation. We will get through this challenge, together.

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