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Free Writing Prompt - Wed. April 8, 2020

I'll admit it, I'm scared. I have some medical conditions, take some strong medications, and have good reason to be scared of #Covid19. But, even as the death toll swells and every day there are additional local stores and businesses reporting infected employees, I am choosing to be strong and determined not to contract the disease. That doesn't mean being stupid. That doesn't mean acting in defiance of the local and state officials' wise orders.

You can be strong while staying at home. You can be smart about your #socialdistancing. I live in an apartment complex, which means I can't just sit in my yard and feel confident that people won't come in close contact. But, if I'm smart about things, I can find open space and set up a chair in that place. I can sit on my terrace and take in the beautiful weather, while I do my work remotely. I even took up the bass guitar and am taking free lessons online, just to keep myself occupied in a healthy way.

Writing prompt:

Are you scared right now? How are you handling your fear or anxiety? What are you doing to stay mentally and physically healthy right now? Could you be doing something better? Are you thinking about your own healthy or do you consider the health of others around you, as well? Are the people around you as diligent as you in protecting one another's health?

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