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Hump Day Free Writing Prompt

It's Wednesday, in case you were counting. Another beautiful day outside. I went to the

grocery store, stocked up for another two weeks or so. I have to admit, my patience was tried while at the store. Not everyone is intellectually or empathetically capable of understanding the importance of social distancing. I try to get that-- but it doesn't change the fact that as someone that is immunosuppressed, I need people to try and do their best to follow the guidelines. I wanted to knock the two people's heads together that seemed to be in front of me at every turn. But I bit my lip, or more accurately, my face mask and controlled my rising frustration.

Writing prompt:

What are you doing to maintain your cool? Have you been frustrated during social distancing and found yourself needing to vent or act on that frustration? What can you do differently? Have you been trying to handle things differently?

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