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Hump Day Writing Prompt

I spent the other day setting up my parents' new television and the piece of furniture they

purchased to set it on. It took a few hours, but went smoothly. As a reward for my hard work, my mother gave me a frozen turkey. Okay, I know you're thinking that's a weird thing to give someone as a gift, but not so crazy in the current state of life. You see, the local supermarket rewards loyal customers with a free ham or turkey for the Spring holidays. But with social distancing, my mother never got to cook the turkey for the whole family. We never got together for Passover. And so, she wound up with a big, frozen turkey she was not going to cook.

Tonight, in my home, we'll have that turkey. With all the fixins. It's not a holiday. It's not even the weekend. But you know what, I worked hard and happily shared my skills to help my parents. I did it for no reason other than they're my parents and I love them. So tonight, in my house, we're going to have a nice, holidayless holiday meal.

Writing prompt:

What is your favorite holiday? What time of year does it fall? Are you able to celebrate it or will you be able to celebrate it as you traditionally do? How will you adjust to the current situation?

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