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Memorial Day Thoughts

Welcome back. I've taken a little time away from the blog and the free writing prompts, just to refresh and energize. Everyone needs a little break now and then. I hope the pause didn't affect you too negatively.

I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have worked for the US Army, the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs in my professional life. I am in awe of the citizens that step up to defend this country. The people that regardless of the politics or policies of the day take an oath to protect the citizens of their homeland. They are truly heroes. And unfortunately, many have lost their lives for their homeland.

Every year, I make a pitch to my friends, both personally and online, to do one favor for me. Well, not really for me. This year may be different. This year may not see the usual presence, but find a way, please.

The next veteran you see, whether they are standing outside a supermarket, collecting money for DAV, American Legion, Wounded Warrior or some other worthy group or if they are a neighbor, relative, whomever-- ask them the names of men and women they served with that lost their lives in battle. I guarantee that they know those names. They will never forget those names. But, unfortunately, time is not infinite for our surviving veterans and too often the memory of good men and women that died young for our protection dies when their comrades pass away gently. So, ask a veteran the name of a buddy lost at war. Give that brave soldier, sailor, airman or Marine's name the chance to live on another day.

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