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Monday Free Writing Prompt

Welcome back to all my intrepid, international writers. I see visitors from Japan, New Zealand, India, Egypt, Ireland, France and Canada. I am honored by your presence and welcome you to my community with open arms. Of course, so many from all across the USA are visiting, as well. I join you in working together to honor the stay home, stay safe instruction from our health professionals as we try to "flatten the curve."

I feel like I have spent a fair amount of time trying my hand at my usual hobbies and diversions. I've done my share of cleaning. I reorganized the fridge. I've cooked some new dishes and tried my hand at some variation on my usuals. I've done a lot of writing-- which is to be expected. I've got plenty of editing to do and papers to grade. I am fortunate that both my employers have been able to shift to online learning, so my college students are still working, and I'm still teaching.

But even with all that, I am getting a little antsy. Are you feeling like you're running out of things to do? Are you just getting bored? My son is taking online guitar lessons. I suddenly feel like I want to take up an instrument, too.

Writing prompt:

What is something you've always wanted to try? It doesn't have to be a hobby or a musical instrument. Is there something that has always interested you but you've never taken steps to make it happen? Why? Is it expensive? Did you lack the time? Are you thinking about moving forward now? What do you need to make that happen? Can you do it with all the time you now have?

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