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Monday Free Writing Prompt

I am honored to be on the Board of Directors for CavanKerry Press. CavanKerry is a nonprofit publisher that focuses on poetry, memoir and creative nonfiction. Now, it is important to note that just because they're nonprofit, doesn't mean they can operate without income.

We had a monthly directors' conference call today and discussed how Covid-19 has punched a major hole in our ability to hold our readings and events. We discussed how we can get our talented writers out to the masses. Because we focus on mental wellbeing in our content and publishing, we feel that our poets and writers can be very helpful in promoting creative outlets.

I invite you to visit for plenty of free poetry and writings to enjoy while social distancing.

Writing prompt:

Is there an organization that you were active with before the pandemic? Is there a way that you can continue to help that organization, even if not financially at this time? Are you trying to be supportive of nonprofit organizations now, more than before?

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