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New week, new writing prompt

I hope the new week finds you well, and I hope these writing prompts are providing you with a little diversion from the day-to-day.

Today, I feel like shifting gears a bit. When I was studying for my MFA, I befriended a number of talented poets. Personally, I look terrible in a black turtleneck. I don't have a long enough neck to make it work, as Tim Gunn might say. But nonetheless, I found the poets in the Creative Writing program to be a pleasant group, full of light and joy. Even the ones that wrote dark subject matter were a bright, energetic lot.

Today's prompt:

Write a poem- it doesn't have to rhyme, it need not be lyrical. But rather than writing prose, give your writing a poetic spin. Some great subjects to write a poem about are nature, relationships, love. But don't feel confined to those things. Explore your creativity. Stretch your artistic legs. Be experimental and find some beauty.

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