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Saturday, March 28 Free Writing Prompt

Hello to my world-wide friends and comrades in pandemic social distancing. I took a trip to the grocery store today to stock up on some essentials. As I pulled into a parking spot, I was shocked to find someone had left their latex gloves on the pavement. Clearly left right where they might have gotten into their automobile. Now, I am the sort of person that in the past

would have bitched to myself about how inconsiderate this person was and I would have thought nothing of picking up the gloves and tossing them in the trash, myself. I have always taught my kids to leave things better than you find them. But today, on a cold, wet afternoon, I did not pick up the litter, knowing that the pandemic has given pause to such responsibility. What idiot does this? Who is so self-absorbed and inconsiderate to the store employees that will have to pick that up? People, don't give up common decency and concern for our mother earth-- even in a viral crisis.

Writing prompt:

What is the most inconsiderate act you have seen during this crisis? What remains important to you or what has gained increased importance in this crisis? What things that you considered important in the past are you willing to forego? Is something as critical as not littering an inconvenience you're willing to just ignore now?

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