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Saturday Night Alive (Free Writing Prompt)

Welcome back. It is always challenging to keep the energy up all the time. Sometimes we might feel exhausted and find it tough to motivate. This was not one of those days for me. I actually got up early and was off to a medical (not Covid-related) appointment bright and early. The facility had a serious plan in place to help all their patients move from waiting through the office in a very organized fashion.

Despite their obvious effort to make safety a priority and still provide all of us with a sense of medical protection and efficiency, there were a handful of people that were not able to accept the rules the facility laid out.

Writing prompt:

When you do need to go out-- whether to grocery shop or take care of an important appointment-- how do you handle people that do not have the same sense of priorities? Are you able to maintain your cool? Are you a hothead like me? Are you passive aggressive or straight-up aggressive?

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