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Second Journal/Writing Prompt

Hope your social distancing is going well. Here, in New Jersey, we've done a little housecleaning. Cleaned out the fridge. Degreased the stovetop. I know, exciting. What has

made it a good bit more enjoyable is we've gone and cranked-up the stereo, something I used to do all the time. I love music, and forgot how much I enjoy rattling the walls a bit.

So, in honor of knocking the cobwebs off the speakers, here is today's writing prompt:

If you had to create the perfect playlist, a playlist that you could listen to over and over again, while stuck in your home or cast away on a tropical island, what would it include? Imagine you could only save 15-20 songs or an hour or two of music. Who makes the list? Do you go for those classic, tried and true songs or are you a B-sides and obscurities kind of person? Do any of the songs have a special meaning to you? Why did you pick these songs?

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