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Slowdown Saturday Free Writing Prompt

As I watch the Global Citizen event on television, I can't help but think about how subdued the

musical acts sounds. I remember how rich and full the post-9/11 television event sounded, even though the acts had to be whisked away to secret studios to perform. And you know what, it is totally okay. We have to pay attention to social distancing and protecting one-another from contamination, and if that means a quieter performance, then so be it.

I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt that said, "Talk softly, but carry a big stick." That reminds me that some of the biggest heroes are the people that just go about their business quietly. No fanfare. No big crowds. Just a job to do and someone getting it done.

Writing prompt:

Who do you know that is a quiet hero? What are they doing and what can you do to say thank you? Are you a quiet hero? What are you considering doing to quietly support your neighbors, friends and family?

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