Sunday Free Writing Prompt

Last night, we watched the LaughAid event. It exposed a little nugget that I certainly was not thinking. I mean, I understand well the gig economy, but I had not given a lot of thought to entertainers like comedians. I know that here, in the NYC metro area, the musicians are unionized. I know that while the musicians' situation isn't great, at least there union is most likely doing something to help them make it through.

But what about unorganized parts of out population. People that go from gig to gig, that haven't had a regular paycheck?

My daughter is fortunate to have been working for a very large, world-leader in hospitality (her chosen field). I have every confidence that the furlough they have enacted will be just that and that they will bring every employee back, when they can. But even with that confidence in their viability after this, she is understandably nervous. It's her first career-level position and she is anxious.

Writing prompt:

Are you still working? Has the pandemic caused you to lose income? Partially? Completely? Are you in a union? Do you work for a small business or a large corporation? Has your employer given you an indication of what will happen when things begin to rebound?

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