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Sunday writing prompt

It is Sunday morning. It has gotten cooler outside in New Jersey, which means I'll be inside a bit more than I have been this past week. I have been as responsible as possible when going outside-- just going for walks with my dog, checking the mail, necessary trips to the pharmacy or grocery store. I'll go outside, but I think the cooler weather will cut the time I spend outside.

When I was a younger man, I enjoyed cold weather sports. I skied, I skated, the cold weather was exhilarating and fun. As an older man, with some physical challenges that have come, cold weather affects me negatively. Is there something that has changed within you over time?

Sunday writing prompt:

Reflect on something you are or were good at. Something that, whether time or situation, has changed. Do you miss that activity? Is it possible to take it back up? Would you even want to? Has something else that you enjoy equally replaced that activity? Would you be able to take it back up if you had more time?

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