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Thursday, April 2nd Free Writing and Journaling Prompt

So, like many of you, I am a member of a number of social media "groups." Most of the ones I belong to are professional associations, alumni organizations for my alma maters, local groups-- you know the sorts. Well, the director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program I graduated from posted a simple enough question. I give you the full details of the program not to sound pretentious, but so you have an idea of who I am dealing with. Anyway, being a 'creative writer,' I couldn't resist.

She asked, "Hi Everyone, I am checking in with you all. How are you doing? If you can, please post a quick note and let us know."

I responded:

Day 26. The food ran out three days ago. The water situation is questionable. I believe we can go another three, maybe four days if we ration the water in the toilet tanks between us. We've abandoned the dog- he's better off fending for himself. We're fortunate to be on the second floor, the front door is the only entry point and we've barricaded it. It's times like these I wish I wasn't pro-gun reform. Jacob as attempting to fashion an air gun from some old PVC pipes and the vacuum. Not sure we'll be able to take down any large game, but perhaps a bird or squirrel to supplement our meager diet.

The portable generator seems to be holding up well, but the question of fuel lingers. If I do need to syphon fuel out of the neighbors' vehicles, I've resigned myself to doing it at night, lest I get caught. But with that comes the obvious question- will I be able to fend off any predators? Jacob will have to stand guard. We've rigged a bowstaff out of a mop and a butcher's knife. Hope it won't come to this.

post note- I believe if we need to turn on one another, Caroline should be the first to go. She is the weakest and the would be ample meat for Jacob and I. Obviously, this would be a last resort, but should it go to this, I think the job could be done with the kitchen knives.

Writing prompt:

Let it all loose. Write a whopper of a story to describe your current situation. Is it the zombie apocalypse out there, in your world? Do you feel like Robinson Crusoe? I haven't shaved in weeks-- and I usually shave not just my face, but my head as well. I'm starting to resemble Castro and the Cuban Revolutionaries up in the Sierra Maestra mountains. Get creative. Go crazy. No rules. Have at it.

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