Thursday Night Writing Prompt

We dropped my son off at the airport this afternoon, so he could visit his mother. It would be

a 15-17 hour drive through a bunch of states. At his age and health, it made sense to fly. I'm interested to hear how many people were on the flight. Dropping him off at Philadelphia International Airport, it was jarring to see it so quiet. It was 4:30 p.m. and I've been to airports in a big chunk of the US's largest cities at all hours, and absolutely at rush hour. I've been in some major international airports, too.

I landed in Atlanta, GA from Paris, France literally a couple of hours before the first bombs dropped on Baghdad during the Second Gulf War. I flew on the last flight of Eastern Airlines to take off, just a week into the First Gulf War.

I have never seen a major airport that quiet. Not in all my years. It was a ghost town.

Writing prompt:

Describe the most surreal experience you have ever had.

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