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Tuesday, April 7 Free Writing Prompt

Welcome back to all my intrepid strangers and hello to all the new viewers joining us.

Today, I attempted to hold my first live chat class with my introductory composition class at a local college. I had posted several classes since the outbreak of Covid-19, here in the U.S. I wanted to try and have a more personal class and give the students an opportunity to see and hear one another. I wouldn't say I'm a techie, but I also wouldn't say I am tech-challenged, either. But, what was quickly evident is that my students' tech savvy crosses a wide range of abilities.

Writing prompt:

How are you handling the shift from interpersonal contact to technology-based contact? Do you have the equipment and applications necessary to stay connected? Did you have to download or purchase something to enable yourself? Have you had to learn new systems, software, apps to make things work or are you willing to stick to the old, tried and true methods? Do you think social distancing has made you more technically savvy?

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