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Tuesday Free Writing Prompt

I love checking out who is reading my posts. I can't see everyone, and I don't want to pry- y'all are wonderful in your own ways and as I said from day one, this project is meant to be nonreligious, nonpolitical and impartial. I choose to do this because I truly care about you as a person, regardless of your beliefs or affiliations. To that, I also am trying not to promote or discount any of your businesses. I just want to keep this an exercise between you and I as people.

Okay, so having said all that-- I have a few friends and acquaintances that are healers of one sort or another. From traditional M.D.'s to holistic practitioners, I respect anyone that takes on the challenge of making people feel better. While I was checking out some of my followers, I came across someone that has a self-proclaimed profession of "Zen Guide." That sounds so relaxing to me, and so I have decided to try and guide you to a bit of zen today.

Writing prompt:

Take the opportunity to sit for five minutes without writing, looking at your phone, computer or tablet. Turn off the television. And just listen. If you can go outside or open a window, even better. But just listen for five minutes. Listen beyond the usual sounds of humanity-- the garbage trucks and airplanes. Focus on the sounds of nature. A bird singing. A bee buzzing. The wind rustling the new leaves of Springtime.

Were you able to hear beyond the sound pollution we've created? What did you hear? What did you think while listening. Write it down. Reflect on it. Consider it. Were you able to release from the thoughts, fears, anxiety we are all feeling?

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