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Tuesday Writing Prompt

I don't usually mention specific television programs I am watching, but tonight I am watching

Gordon Ramsay's "24 Hours to Hell and Back" 2-hour special. The program is focusing on the revitalization of a little town in Maryland. Ellicott City is a small town right next to the town my kids spent almost half their life in. They've got tons of friends in the area and some of their friends actually were there when this program was filmed. I've walked that town a number of times. I've spent money in those restaurants. It was a great town.

You may remember Ellicott City-- it was well covered in the news. The main street suffered a horrific flood in 2016 that virtually wiped out downtown. But the town made a comeback. That comeback, all the rebuilding was wiped out just two years later, in 2018. A once-in-a-lifetime flood happened to the town twice in two years.

The Ramsay team was in Ellicott City last autumn to film this special. And unfortunately, the story now seems prophetic.

Writing prompt:

How will we recover from this pandemic? Not just businesses or the economy, but communities and families. This pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Hopefully we'll see nothing like it again, but the question is can we get back to normal or has everything changed in unrecoverable ways?


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