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Wednesday Free Writing Prompt

Good afternoon intrepid explorer,

I am so deeply honored that my little contribution to your mental wellbeing is making its way around the globe. With visitors from Ireland, India, New Zealand and

France joining the conversation this week, alone-- I feel inspired and helpful. I have been quite fortunate to have visited France and England. I've also seen many Caribbean islands and have vacationed in Mexico. Travel is the best way to understand other cultures. The experiences teach us what is different and to a greater degree, the things that bind us with other people.

Today's prompt:

Where is the one place you look forward to visiting once this world crisis is over? Is it some place you've visited before or are you thinking about a new adventure? Will you have to fly there or how will you travel? What kind of accommodations would you take advantage of? A hotel? A cabin? An RV? What will you do when you get there? Touring, culinary exploration, lounging? Think about the ultimate trip, not just something you might have done in the normal order of things.

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