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Wednesday Writing Prompt

Welcome back to all of you that have been writing with me and hello to all my new friends. I hope this morning finds you well. It is a beautiful day, here in New Jersey. The sun is out, the temperature is a comfortable 55 degrees.

Around our home, we are so fortunate to have our dog, Jersey, to keep us company. He's a happy, goofy boy that always brings a smile to everyone's face. He seems to be pretty pleased that we're all home to give him lots of attention.

Today, let's think about critters. Here's today's prompt:

If you could be any animal in the world (or a creature from another world) what would you be? Would you have any special abilities? Are you furry or have scales? Cuddly or fierce? Live on land, sea or air? Let yourself go- be whatever your imagination will let you. Personally, I think I'd be a sea lion. I love the ocean, love to hang out on the beach and soak up the sun.

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