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Weekend Writing Prompt

There is so much to worry about and even fear during this pandemic. During this time, it is so

easy to get wrapped up in the onslaught of information, statistics and news cycle- whether you get yours from verifiable sources or propaganda mills. We've been trying to stay positive in our home and trying to put positives out into the world.

We made the decision several weeks ago to open our home to another life. We already have a wonderful, twelve-year-old pound mutt that is an important part of our family. Jersey has been with me through moves to three states and is a trusted friend and brother from a furry mother. After looking at countless puppies and dogs from all sorts of organizations, we finally chose a young dog from a rescue that goes down South to rescue dogs from kill shelters. After a number of weeks with a foster home in Texas, he finally took a transport trip up to NJ to join us. We're so happy to give Jorge a new home and a new leash on life.

Writing prompt:

How are you changing your karma? It is challenging to keep your home positive and progressing, are you able to do a little more or are you already hitting your limit? Would you do anything differently? Is it too late or can you do more now?

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