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Welcome to our first virtual meeting

As I mentioned, I will be providing free journal and creative writing prompts and tips for you to help get motivated to write and be creative during this challenging time. I hope that these posts will help encourage and entertain you. I will take particular care to avoid political prompts and make sure we have some fun, we keep our brains active and hopefully learn a little something along the way.

There are no rules. I will never tell you how to organize yourself. Hand write in a notebook, type in a computer, just sit and contemplate things. There is no right or wrong way to approach this.

So, with that- I give you our first prompt:

Write a story about your family tree. Tell the stories you've always heard, the things that have been passed down for years in your family. Feel free to expand, embellish or otherwise give those stories as much detail as you can based solely on your family's lore.

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