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Welcome World Writing Prompt

I love to check out where the folks that are reading my #writingprompts come from. I am so

honored that I have people following me from all over the world. I want to offer the warmest welcome to the people in India, Ireland and Ecuador that have recently joined us. Stay safe, keep practicing social distancing and try to be positive. We will all get through this together.

I have been very fortunate to have travelled both across the United States and internationally, as well. My travels internationally have been limited- there is so much I want to and will see in the future. Once we do get to travel again safely, I hope to return to England and France, the Caribbean and Mexico. I also want to see new places.

Writing prompt:

What places have you visited? What places do you want to visit? Where is your ultimate travel destination? Why? What was the best trip you ever took?

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