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Shameless Self Promotion

Welcome to May. With the new month comes a new issue of #TheWriteLaunch. If you've been

following my #FreeWritingPrompts, you probably noticed an intentional lack of self-promotion. I will only make a post like this once a month-- I really want these posts to focus on you and your projects. But it is my website and blog, so I will reserve the right to show off some of my writing. I hope you don't mind too much.

The Write Launch is running Chapter 10 "Distant Early Warning" from my novel, Able Archer, the first book of the Able Archer Trilogy. "Distant Early Warning" is a look at the opening moments of WWIII. Available over 3 months (March, May and June), I am so proud that The Write Launch chose to feature the chapter over a three-month period. It means that you'll get to enjoy it in its entirety.

Writing prompt:

What is that brass ring, that unattainable goal you are hoping to reach? Are you still reaching for it? Have you already achieved your brass ring? Or, have you given up on the reach?

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