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Tuesday kind of mood

Hello again. I have always maintained that Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Monday carries the expectation of being lousy, which makes us better prepared for it. Wednesday, you're up on the hump, looking down towards the end of the week. Thursday is almost Friday and the weekend is the weekend. But Tuesday. Tuesday sucks. Take, for example, today. Somehow, I managed to take my evening meds this morning. Nothing too dangerous, I wasn't going to overdose or anything. But I do take one particular med in the evening that knocks me out. I lack the normal production of melatonin to trigger sleep, so this particular medication, an older antidepressant, fakes out my brain and causes me to shut down. I go to sleep.

Well... Not long after taking the wrong meds (which I realized almost immediately) I was

drowsy. I slept for about 6 hours today. Right, smack in the middle of the day. That's Tuesday for you.

What is you low time? Is it a particular time of the day? A day of the week, like mine? What do you do to elevate, get up for or otherwise keep control over that low? Did you do something differently in the past? Do you ever feel like what you are doing needs to be changed up, updated, improved to get through the lows?

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